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This security strategy applies to the web If it’s not too much trouble, read it cautiously. Here you will track down significant data about the course of individual information and freedoms under existing regulation regarding the matter.

We claim all authority to refresh our security strategy whenever as a result of business choices and to follow any authoritative or jurisprudential changes. Assuming that you have questions or need any explanation in regards to our Privacy Policy or your freedoms, you can reach us through the channels recorded beneath.

You affirm that the data gave now or later on, is right and honest and you consent to impart any progressions thereto. In the event of giving individual information to outsiders, you should acquire the earlier assent of those impacted and advise them about the substance regarding this strategy.

As a general rule, the fields of our structures that are set apart as obligatory must essentially be taken care of in request to offer our types of assistance and satisfy the solicitations.

Who is liable for handling your information? The liable for the information gathered on this site is:


How would we manage your information? Our clients information will be utilized to deal with the relationship with them, to offer the mentioned types of assistance, satisfy their solicitations and requests, administrate and deal with the site security and conform to our legitimate commitments. Such information will likewise be treated for logical purposes and to work on the nature of our administrations.

How long will we keep your information? For the most part, we will keep your information the time our relationship proceeds and furthermore during the periods determined in the material regulation. We will drop the utilization of your information when it is presently not helpful or required for the reason it was gathered. We will drop the data connected with the site route once the association closes and made the vital web investigation. Information handled for business purposes will be kept in force except if you demand its cancellation.

Who do we convey your information? Your information might be conveyed to outsiders by legitimate commitment, with the assent or when your solicitation includes such correspondence.

The reason for the handling of information is: the administration of the legitimate relationship laid out with you; give the mentioned or contracted benefits; and follow lawful commitments.

Sending business interchanges by electronic means depends on assent.

What are your freedoms? You are qualified for get affirmation of if we are managing your own information and, assuming this is the case, to get to it. You can likewise demand your information to be altered assuming that it is wrong or deficient and demand its expulsion when, among different reasons, the information is not generally required for the reason for which it was gathered.

In specific conditions, you might demand to restrict the utilization of your information. For this situation, we will just involve the impacted information for the definition, exercise or guard of cases or for the assurance of outsider freedoms. Under specific circumstances and because of reasons connected with your specific circumstance, you may likewise go against the course of your information. For this situation, we won’t handle your information aside from convincing with obligatory legitimate guidelines. In like manner, under specific circumstances you might demand your information to be moved to another regulator.

You can deny the assent accommodated specific purposes, without influencing the legitimateness of the date utilized past to the withdrawal, and record a case to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

You can demand to drop the business treatment of your information by sending an email to the accompanying email address:

To practice your freedoms, kindly send us an application joined by a duplicate of your public personality card or other substantial ID report by email to the location referenced in area: ┬┐Who is answerable for handling your information?

You can more deeply study your privileges and how to practice them on the site of the Spanish Data Protection Agency in

Consistence with material guidelines

This site conforms to the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December on Personal Data Protection and assurance of computerized freedoms and other appropriate guidelines and requirement consistently, guaranteeing the legitimate use and treatment of individual client information.

Likewise, this site agrees with the Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services Information Society. In thise sense, we will continuously demand our clients approval to involve its email for business purposes in each second.

In consistence with the arrangements of the guidelines, we illuminate you that the information gave might be put away in this site’s documents, and treated to meet your solicitations and keeping up with the relationship laid out with the structures you finished.

Furthermore, the client permits the utilization of his information to illuminate him, using any and all means, including email, about items and administrations of

Connections or outer connections

As a support of our guests, our site might incorporate hyperlinks to different locales that are not worked or constrained by us. along these lines doesn’t ensure or be considered answerable for the lawfulness, unwavering quality, ease of use, dependability and practicality of the substance of such sites or their protection rehearses. Please, prior to giving your own data to these external sites, note that their protection practices might vary from our own.

The main reason for these connections is to give clients the capacity to get to those connections and know our work, in spite of the fact that Http:// doesn’t offer or market itself or through outsiders the data, content and administrations accessible on the connected locales, or support, manage or control in any capacity the substance and administrations and any material of any nature in that. Http:// isn’t capable in any capacity for the outcomes that might result to the client by getting to these connections.

Should the client not approve the handling of information for the reasons noted above, he might practice its more right than wrong to go against the course of his information under the agreements set out beneath under “What are your freedoms?”.